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About Daniel Piatek





Your life opens into
unlimited possibilities
when your challenges are
seen as the doorways
to your destiny


“Daniel, I’m in awe of your gift.

You posed one simple, little, obscure question
and opened a door that led me into my deepest desire.

I had no idea it was there.

Those 2 conversations were pivotal,
and in such a short time things have changed completely.”


Daniel’s mission is to inspire, motivate, and guide those who are called to support the profound personal and planetary transformations we are going through now. To connect people with their own mission and help them to understand and appreciate their unique gifts and talents.

As an Ambassador of the Unseen, he helps others cultivate relationships with the unseen multitudes who are here to support and assist us, so that each of us can find our own way through challenges and confusion.

Daniel has a natural talent of going directly to the heart of a situation, in a way that is simple, clear, candid, and gentle.

With penetrating insight into the dynamics of transformation and a practical approach to living a spiritually-directed life, Daniel guides clients through profound shifts, armed with a fair amount of humor, and helps them to discover and finally live as the whole person they came here to be.

“If your life is not working, it’s because you’re not living YOUR life.”
— Daniel Piatek

Spiritual Transformation

Daniel developed an expertise in spiritual transformation through an ardent commitment to his own spiritual unfoldment. His journey lead him through numerous “desert times”, death-and-rebirth periods, where he felt called to leave behind the old life and journey to a not-yet-visible new one. Along the way he discovered his spiritual guides and came to own his natural intuitive capacities. As a result he has come to experience life as the mythic hero’s journey, and he feels called to support others in doing the same.

These major personal transformations taught Daniel not only how to effect radical transformation for himself, but also how to teach, guide, and support others in their own quests. His work with clients and with his guides has given birth to a methodology which embraces the universal “Hero’s Journey” as a description of spiritual unfoldment. Daniel has taken this descriptive process and “hacked it”— creating a powerful prescriptive methodology which can be used to effect radical, rapid transformation. He calls this methodology the “Hero’s Quest”.

Daniel founded the Hero Academy to support people to answer the call of our time and step up to become who they were made to be. Come and join him in the adventure of your life.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

— Mark Twain

The longer, more personal story…


… Coming Soon!