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Guidance on Your Journey

“Come on! Break free. Be who you were born to be.”


Are you feeling the pull to finally live the life you came here to live? To finally take up your mission, live your purpose, and actually dare to be yourself? Are you looking for guidance to help you along your way?

If so, Daniel has a number of ways to be of service to you in your quest.

Daniel brings to bear his natural gifts and talents, decades of experience with his own personal transitions and spiritual transformations, as well as decades of assisting others to find and walk their own paths, as he tunes into your potential, and puts himself in service of your Higher Self and spiritual guides.

Sessions with Daniel defy categorization, as each is unique to the needs of the person and to the moment. Sessions are often an alchemy of different modes and modalities, and speak to the immediate needs of the client. Daniel’s gift of getting to the very essence, the true heart, of a situation allows clients to see themselves and their life circumstances in a stunningly simple and clarifying light. This creates a solid ground to then guide his clients into new places in relationship to their concerns or questions—spaces of clarity, choice, and freedom.


I Need Clarity

I’m stuck, confused, doubting, and/or troubled. I would like assistance to see clearly what’s going on, and to see beyond it to bring resolution to my situation and peace to my heart.

Help Me Find & Walk MY Path

I want to make a major change in my life and I’m interested in working with a guide, coach, mentor, and supporter as I create my life to be more in alignment with my Authentic Self.

I Need A Shift NOW!

I have a particular situation in my life which would greatly benefit from intensive, focused, guided processes to produce a profound shift. And I want to begin creating what lies beyond it. Now!

I’m Totally Confused

I’m not exactly sure, or I don’t feel like any of those fit.

But I know I want to shift something in my life and I’m drawn to working with Daniel.

“If your life is not working, it’s because you’re not living YOUR life.”
— Daniel Piatek


Get Clear – Get Unstuck – Get Moving 


In a Transformational Intuitive Reading, Daniel uses his natural gifts and his innate, compassionate way of understanding and seeing life’s challenges, to serve those who are looking for a real and tangible shift in their lives.

A Transformational Intuitive Reading promises to:

  • bring clarity to the hidden reasons that are blocking you manifesting what you want for yourself
  • help you recognize the inner and the outer resources available to you
  • provide a safe space, free of judgment, for you to see and acknowledge that there isn’t anything wrong with you
  • offer you a roadmap to move you further in the direction of your soul´s desire
  • help you to understand experientially that you are co-creating with the Universe, and not a victim of circumstances
  • identify where and how you are blocked, what to do to get unstuck, and how to live your unique, authentic life.


Daniel’s natural intuitive skills (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairempathy) are enhanced through tools such as tarot, astrology and numerology. He has discovered that clients often relate quite powerfully to the imagery of tarot, and allows them to access their own deepest knowing. This is a place where profound transformation happens.

One of Daniel’s remarkable natural gifts is that he instinctively tunes into the essence of your soul. Sessions with Daniel are a dynamic process, not simply a “reading of the situation”. Clients often report that they have significantly shifted in relationship to their concerns during the session, and are inspired and feel supported to move forward.


At the conclusion of each session you will get a focused review of the most critical guidance, assisting you in integrating and generating transformation in your life. Additionally a recording of the session will be provided (depending upon how the session is delivered), and clients find they get greatly increased benefit from reviewing the session afterward.

Types of Transformational Intuitive Readings

This session is for when you have specific questions, or have something fairly specific you wish you understand and explore. It can also be used when you want help pinpointing what has you stuck, or what is most important to give your attention to right now. Daniel understands that people can have difficulty being specific and concrete in formulating their own questions. No need to worry, he will help you to get in touch with what is troubling you. All you need is to come with an open mind and heart in order for healing, clarity, and transformation to take place.

60 minutes, $175. Schedule Now.

90 minutes, $250. Schedule Now.

For those who are looking for a big shift in life, or are actively pursuing self-actualization, this is your session. In this extensive, in-depth session, Daniel will go through every aspect of your life following the Wheel of Life as a template (modeled on the astrological houses). This includes looking at your personality, relationships, health, wealth, family, home, mental dynamics, communication, regeneration, unconscious mind, your spiritual self, and whatever else arises during the session.

2 hours, $300. Schedule Now.

Please select the appropriate section above to schedule yourself for a Transformational Intuitive Reading. You will be taken to a calendar where you will schedule a convenient time and make payment. Readings with Daniel are given via Zoom video conference (internet connection and computer needed) or by telephone. Instructions will be provided upon scheduling and making payment.

“Your soul can finally begin to guide your life only when you start to let go of what has been controlling you.”
— Daniel Piatek


Transform Your Life

A hero is someone who has the guts to live their life in alignment with who they actually are. Sounds simple. And, in fact, it is simple. But for many, it’s not easy. In fact, it’s the most challenging thing most of us will ever do in our lifetime.

Because we grow up in a certain family, a certain culture, a certain system of values, and at a certain time in history, we are programmed to see ourselves, our lives, our gifts, our talents, and our value from a pre-determined lens. However for many of us, our uniqueness, our essence, who and what we were born to bring to the world, is not recognized through that lens. Or it’s recognized as something negative.

And when we try to become ourselves, to live our lives as our Authentic Selves, there are many hidden roadblocks that can lead us to believe that it’s just not possible.


This is the tragedy that many are facing now. They feel the pull (sometimes the imperative) to fully be themselves and to fulfill their mission … and yet they keep running into walls or feel like they’re lost. It’s a tremendous tragedy when any one of us gives up.

Daniel is driven by a vision that a New World emerges as more and more of us embrace our Authentic Lives, or as Daniel calls it, Living Your Hero Self. This is the context for mentorship with Daniel — becoming your Hero Self.

Through decades of walking through a series of metamorphoses in his own life, Daniel has come to understand the mechanics of making profound life transformation. Daniel is capable of guiding you from the beginning to the end of your particular journey, or any part along the way.


Mentorship with Daniel

Mentorship with Daniel is something distinct from coaching. While the mentor relationship can include many of the components typically involved with coaching (performance, making and achieving goals, accountability, etc), mentorship encompasses much more, and more of the things that are much deeper and more essential.

Daniel brings in a spiritual dimension (in whatever way you see that), accessing the highest aspects of himself to connect with the highest aspects of yourself to guide the process. In essence, his coaching skills and methodology, his thirty years of his own committed spiritual development, and his natural intuitive and empathic capacities are all put in service of your higher motivations and goals.

Some of what you will receive from Daniel as your mentor:

  • Identify and embrace the unique talents you were born with or which have developed over your lifetime
  • Get unstuck and keep moving forward by learning to disappear real and apparent barriers
  • Develop and maintain a connection to your own Spiritual GPS to keep finding your own way forward
  • A connection with your true essence, and continued practice in staying connected with it
  • Become comfortable with “not knowing”—a critical skill in finding YOUR way through the craziness of life
  • Ensuring the guidance of your Higher Self through his intuitive skills to keep your process on target
  • Introspective Healing Hypnosis Sessions as appropriate to assist in forward movement
  • Transformational Intuitive Sessions to provide directed guidance in the real-life situations which arise during the mentorship
  • Pointing out when you appear to have stalled or lost your way, and assisting you to get back on track
  • Keeping you believing in yourself by maintaining the space for your highest potential and Authentic Self
  • Exercises, processes, or referrals to support you with whatever is needed along the way.

Contact Daniel

If you’re ready to give yourself to discovering and living YOUR Authentic Life (even if you have very little idea of what that looks like), let’s talk.

If this kind of relationship calls to you, if it pulls on something deeper in yourself, and if you are ready to make a commitment to, and investment in, your transformation, then take a moment to send Daniel a message. Let him know what is calling you and he will be happy to schedule a time to speak with you at no charge to discuss whether or not this type of relationship is right for you.

“All of Life–Internal and External, Visible and Invisible–is always already supporting you to take the next right step now.”
— Daniel Piatek


Get a Game Plan – Fast!

There are times in life when, even though you’ve been bumping up against that wall for a long time, you finally decide, “Damn it. I’m going all the way through this time!” When your desire for what’s on the other side of that wall finally overcomes your fear, frustration, worry, whatever it is that has kept you stuck.

A VIP Intensive Mentoring Day was designed to go all the way through, establish a foothold on the other side, plan next steps, and then provide support and guidance to continue to move forward. This is not a day to “go wide”, not a day to look into a number of different challenges or opportunities. This is a day to focus in, remove or disappear obstacles, heal whatever needs healed, and step into a new chapter.

Each VIP Day is unique–not only to the individual, but also to the particularities of what needs to be shifted. The commonality among all of Daniel’s work is that he guides, supports, and inspires his clients and students to align themselves more and more closely with their Authentic Selves, and he assists them in creating their lives as an expression of this unique essence.


Some of what you can expect from your VIP Day include:

  • Feeling empowered and supported as you find yourself on brand new ground in your life
  • Identify and embrace the unique talents you were born with or which have developed over your lifetime
  • Disappear the apparent barriers that have kept you stuck and unable to move forward
  • Strengthening your connection to your own Spiritual GPS so you can continue finding your own way
  • Guide you to connecting with your true essence and practice how to use that connection to navigate
  • Practicing the art and science of “not knowing”—a necessary key to keep moving in the right direction
  • Pointing out when you appear to have stalled or lost your way, and assisting you to get back on track
  • Learning tools to keep doubt at bay and keep you believing in yourself


And that’s not all! Your VIP Intensive Mentoring Day will leave you standing on brand new ground in your life, having a much stronger sense of who you are, where you are, and what you are doing!  Plus, you’ll be left with a game plan of how to move forward from there to ensure that your investment of time and energy not only makes you feel better, but will lead to a profound and lasting change.

As you move forward after your VIP Intensive Mentoring Day, it is natural to feel scared and unsure of how to move forward, which can often bring people to a halt. When you reach your stopping points (and yes, we all have them), you procrastinate, you lose track of priorities, and you allow self-doubts to creep in and discourage you.

I will not let this happen for you. You’ll get my support for 3 months following your breakthrough day!

I have walked in your shoes and my intuition and channeling gifts can play a critical role in guiding, motivating, and inspiring you. I can help you maintain momentum in the face of the inevitable bouts of fear and uncertainty that arise when making a big transition–starting a new business, making a life transition, embarking on a new career, or embracing a new perception of life.

Each month you will have 1 laser session with me to support you in manifesting the change what we worked on during your VIP Intensive Mentorship Day, and to deal with any lingering resistance, confusion or doubt. Through the laser sessions, and ongoing access by email, you will be supported to stay inspired, motivated, and on track as you create your life in alignment with your Authentic Self.

How does a VIP Intensive Mentoring Day work?

We will spend the day together, six hours of sessions punctuated by breaks and lunch. Before the actual day, you and Daniel will have had a session to clarify what you intend to have a major breakthrough with, and come to an agreement about an appropriate goal for the day in the ONE particular area you want to target.

Since each person has different needs, and I channel a lot of creative energy during this type of intensive work, it is difficult to be more specific as to how the whole day will go. Suffice to say that it will be an intense private ‘workshop’ where you will be supported and empowered as you experience significant breakthroughs in that particular area of your life and become aligned with your Authentic Self.


Contact Daniel

If this calls to you, if you’re excited about making a major shift in your life now, and if you are ready to make a commitment to, and investment in, breaking through this issue, then take a moment to send Daniel a message. Give him some details about what you’re wanting to make a major shift with and he will be happy to schedule a time to speak with you at no charge to discuss whether or not a VIP Intensive Mentoring Day is right for you.