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In this series, I’m trying to share how it’s possible to get beyond the internal unseen blocks that prevent you from having your best life.


LOTUS because — grows in stagnant pools of water, in mud and muck and bugs and fish. It starts to grow, not much to it at all, stem, a couple of leaves, and a pod. Once the pod gets out of the mucky water, then it opens up, and there’s no dirty water on it. Unspoiled beauty.

You see, to hijack the lotus’ story … the lotus comes through all of that and blooms beautifully and unscathed, because it never asks itself “what’s wrong with me that …” If it thought that it should be looking a certain way, or that this dirty/muddy environment meant something about it, or if it could sense its potential but it wasn’t happening and it didn’t know how to actualize it … “what wrong with me?”

We all live with the background noise, and maybe sometimes shouting in our face, that there must be something wrong me. This is called SHAME. Unfortunately it’s infected all of us, so you didn’t do something wrong to have it! But the issue here — SHAME kills EVERYTHING!

We do this to ourselves all the time. “What’s wrong with me?” There’s an unconscious, built-in sense of what’s right versus what’s wrong. So we do this to ourselves all the time, “What’s the matter with me?”

We don’t live up to our expectations; we keep trying but can’t quite seem to stop doing what we know is causing us difficulty; we spend another day battling anxiety or fear. “What’s wrong with me?” And that leads us to adopting harsh, punitive, unloving approaches to making change in ourselves.

And this same dynamic plays out in many therapeutic approaches, when somebody tries to “fix us.” In order to “fix” something, you’re assuming that it’s “broken.” That there’s something wrong, and we’ve got to get in there and figure out where “the problem is.”

But let’s look at an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WAY of looking at ourselves and at making change. It starts with a spiritual perspective on who we truly are. This perspective completely shifts how to make the very real, day-to-day change you want to see in your life.

It’s got its base in a couple of presumptions:

  1. Who we ALREADY ARE is Whole, Perfect, and Complete. Granted, this may not be what you are seeing in your day-to-day life, whole, perfect, and complete. Do you remember my story from Session 1? We are not born imperfect; the essence of who we are is already perfect, and that’s what’s underneath it all, and we can access it.
  2. If you knew enough details of anybody’s story (or our own, for that matter), then who they are, what they do, how they behave would make COMPLETE SENSE. Yes, all of it. Because we all have stories. Very long, involved, often complicated stories, that go back maybe through eons of time. If you could see the whole story … you look at what’s happening right now and realize that it couldn’t be otherwise.
  3. There is nothing wrong, don’t fight what is, it’s all perfect as it is.
  4. In this situation, whatever it is, there’s quite possible a gift here for you that will change your life.
  5. Then …. FROM THIS PLACE… what do you see?

What you’ll see is the exact same situation but it will look completely different. By adopting these presumptions, you’ll be changed in the process, and the way you respond will be different. When you realize that it couldn’t be any other way, then there is no shame left … There’s simply the situation as it is, without judgment, fighting it, thinking it should be different.

Imagine if you could see yourself like this. Especially around those things about yourself that really cause you difficulty.

It almost feels like a miracle, because what happens is that, where before there was shame, harshness, and disgust, what arises is profound love, acceptance, care and tenderness for who you are, how you got here, and what you’ve had to deal with. It truly feels like a miracle.

Being there in this posture in relation to our own blocks, our own difficulties and challenges, that blocked ENERGY … remember, it’s ENERGY … can move again. Uhhhhhhh  shifts to ahhhhhhhhh. It can do what it couldn’t do way back then. Move and resolve itself.

Our bodies, our non-conscious, and energy are all way, way, way more clever than we are when it comes to knowing what to do with this stuff. But it can’t do it when we are operating from “What’s Wrong with me?” … or I suppose equally so, “There’s nothing wrong with me.” These positions block our innate intelligence from working, keeping these energies stuck, and our difficulties in life firmly intact.

So then our job becomes way more simple. It’s to free the energy. Plain and simple. It’s not to fix the problem, or understand the situation better and analyze it and get to know all the mechanics. No, that’s the stuff of the mind.

We simply have to be willing to love ourselves enough to be with, love, and accept the trapped energy, the scared parts that want to stay hidden in the shadows. Because with unconditional love, we all melt and begin to flow. That’s exactly what happens with the unseen block of energy.

What’s on the Other Side of all of this?

Can let go of the worry about the problems. You know you’re doing what needs to be done, and can let go of trying to manage your way through and around it all the time. So much energy goes into trying to manage ourselves so we don’t fall prey to these parts of ourselves. Imagine letting all of that go!

Daniel Piatek
Daniel’s mission is to inspire, motivate, and guide those who are called to support the profound personal and planetary transformations we are going through now.