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Most of the what causes us to “get stuck,” and not be able to make change, comes from not questioning basic assumptions we hold about ourselves and life. Basic, fundamental assumptions about everything. And most often, we don’t even realize it! 

When something is not working in our life, or when we feel the need or desire to change, we usually think we know what the problem is. We think we know what the solution is. Basically, without our realizing, we think we know almost everything about ourselves and our situation. 

And if you pursue this further, you may see that the human predicament is that we think we already know quite a bit about everything! 

So, if we want to be, do, or have something which is entirely new in our life, we’ll need to begin to question things like: 

  • What we think “the problem” is
  • The way to get to where we want to go
  • What needs to be done to get there
  • What’s possible (and not) for us, personally
  • What’s possible (and not) for human beings, in general
  • And finally, what life is and how it really works! 

You may ask, “What’s wrong with holding beliefs and assumptions about all of this?” 

Well, when we’ve been engaged in change that’s conventional—in other words, change that’s basically a rearrangement of all the things we know or think we know—nothing is necessarily wrong. The tools, approaches, and perspectives we’ve held actually have worked to get us somewhere. They’ve had their use. But, and this is a big but, they’ll only take us so far. 

Without realizing why, there comes a time when the conventional operating system (the mechanism of unseen and unquestioned assumptions that we hold about ourselves and the world, and through which we experience all of our life) no longer serves us as it used to. It’s for that reason that we may begin to experience disappointment, frustration, and a loss of hope that we’ll ever be, do, or have what our heart is telling us is possible. 

And again, because this mechanism is almost entirely hidden to us, we may not realize the true cause of why we’re experiencing such profound frustration! 

However, as we begin to awaken and sense the voice of the Infinite within us—the voice of our Authentic Self—we may gain intimations of a dimension beyond the known and familiar. We may begin to sense a quantum possibility, a possibility for us and our life that is of an entirely different order. 

The fact is that as we grow and develop, as we are raised and acculturated, human beings unconsciously adopt ways of perceiving ourselves and the world. Over time, these become deeply ingrained and largely unconscious habits of seeing, thinking, and feeling. They originate from our parents, families and ancestors, as well as from the larger culture, past and present. There are also the effects from our past lives. 

Metaphorically speaking, the sum of it all is like the water that envelops the entirety of the fish’s existence. The water is never truly seen; and, since it’s not seen, it never has a change to be explored, examined, or questioned. 

When we are not consciously paying attention to what we’re thinking, feeling, and doing—and why—we are simply living as the product of our conditioning. We are simply experiencing life from a sea of pre-determined viewpoints, conclusions, and possibilities which occurs for us simply as “what is.” 

Some of this serves us; some of this gets in our way. But much of it, in the end, will stand in opposition to our discovering and manifesting—especially in this time of the profound Ascension of ourselves and the planet—the person we were meant to be, and the life we were meant to live. 

What’s desperately needed in this picture, first and foremost, is simply openness and space. We need to free our attention, thereby rescuing our most precious human resource from the hypnotic trance of our conditioned and unconscious operating system. We need to free ourselves from the allure of the now internalized prison of thinking we already know! 

We must create the space for the new to be able to get in.

Daniel Piatek
Daniel’s mission is to inspire, motivate, and guide those who are called to support the profound personal and planetary transformations we are going through now.