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Many of us are struggling with a challenge or two in our lives that, no matter what we try, we can’t seem to get free of it. We do everything that we know to do, we seek help, guidance, support, and still it doesn’t change in a significant way.

Even though so much knowledge and expertise of all kinds is available to us, still so many remain struggling to get to new, different, and better in their lives. And because we’ve tried and tried, we can only come to one conclusion – There’s something wrong with ME!

Maybe this is something you’ve experienced, I know I have!

Because when you’ve tried every way you know, and there’s still SOMETHING IN THE WAY of what you deeply want for your life, then heck, there must be something wrong with ME!

It’s not true! Let me explain.

My goal for this series of blogs is for you to understand why you’re having the experience you’re having. To help you see that it’s not YOU that’s the problem. And for you to know and experience what you CAN do that DOES actually make a significant difference.

This blog is going to be about understanding WHY you’re not getting to where you want to be.



Ok. So what is it that you’re dealing with in your life?

Anxiety-Depression-Overwhelm? These seem to simply be a symptom of modern life. They don’t have to be.

Self-Doubt & Lack of Confidence? Incredibly common, but often not seen to be the culprit of difficulty.

Feeling Stuck? Or Like you Can’t Get to Where You Want to Go in your Life? Something deeper is calling you forward in life?

Repeating Patterns of Thoughts or Feelings? Situations that keep repeating over and over in life?
I would say that most of us experience most of these in our lives.



So what do most of us do in the face of these things? There’s a few different ways we tend to go:

1. We do our best, use our willpower and drive and just do our best to not let these things get in the way. We’ve got life to live, kids to take care of … so we put our head down and we keep going.

2. We seek out guidance and support in all the different ways that can happen. We take breaks, we get treatments, we do therapies, and things actually getting a little better. Sometimes a lot better. But still … we can’t get to where we really want and need to be.

3. We get out of the bad situations, only to find that before long we’re still dealing with very similar thoughts, feelings, and challenges but in the new situation.

So, why is it that we can’t get down to the root of what’s causing us the distress and actually make profound, permanent change for our lives?

The good news is that it’s NOT that there’s something horribly wrong with you. You are not defective.

It’s just that you don’t yet know enough about how the incredibly complicated mechanisms of being a human being work. We live inside these bodies, with our minds, thoughts, emotions, beliefs … all of it, and we actually don’t know a lot about how this human mechanism actually works.

OK! Now … I’d like to share a few things that are critical to understand so you can begin to look toward where you really CAN MAKE big shifts for yourself and for your life.



Most of what we do goes on unconsciously. It is the exception when thinking is conscious. It is not the rule. But because we cannot experience anything else, conscious thought seems the only sort of thought. It is not the only sort; it is the minority.” – from a textbook entitled “Cognitive Psychology & Information Processing”

Wow! This states something that most of us know or sense on some level, but don’t know how to deal with, so we don’t really think about it: We are operating with some very significant limitations.

But, they’re only limitations if we don’t realize it, and if we don’t know how to get around them. Don’t worry, I’ll help you with those.

First, let me share with you three facts of what we’re all up against that take this even deeper:

#1: Intelligence. It’s our ability to get and use facts, information, skills. Can be intellectual, emotional, practical, “common sense.” Between 90-95% of our intelligence happens non-consciously — we are not aware of it.

So how do we access this huge storehouse of intelligence in our non-conscious?
#2: Our conscious mind processes information at about 40 bps, 40 bits of information every second.

Our nonconscious mind processes about 40 MILLION bps. That’s 1 MILLION TIMES MORE. 1 Million times FASTER.

#3: Of the total amount of information that we actually perceive in any given moment through sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching — our brain can only consciously process about 2% of that information. So 98% of the information that our 5 senses actually take in is stored non-consciously. It’s taken in, but not consciously available to us.



So … all of this is REALLY GREAT NEWS! Huh?

No really, it is. Because it’s not the end of the story. It’s actually just the beginning of a brand new story. And this story has a very happy ending.

It’s really great news because:

1. There are real reasons why you’re running into the roadblocks that you are. And it’s not because there’s something wrong with you.

2. There are parts of who we are, what I’m calling the non-conscious, which have a whole lot going on, and have a whole lot of information that could be incredibly helpful. Now if we could only access it, and put it to use…. Ah-ha!!

3. There are ways to do just that! Ways to use this profoundly helpful info to our benefit, and remove the blocks in our lives that live in the nonconscious. These are our hidden blocks. These are the culprits when we try to make change, and no matter how hard we try, just can’t get there.

Pretty cool stuff, huh?!?! These understandings provide the basis for a whole new game. A game where you win! A game where you have the life you deeply desire. AWESOME!

To be continued in the next post (Think Energy—Change Your Life)

Daniel Piatek
Daniel’s mission is to inspire, motivate, and guide those who are called to support the profound personal and planetary transformations we are going through now.